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"In-depth training & nutrition knowledge."

It has been a great year training with Iron. I admit that I am not the most hard-working or self-disciplined student. It is especially important to me to find a trainer who can push me to work out and stick with the habit. Throughout the year, Iron has been patient, helpful, and encouraging. He would design my meal plan with supplements so I could achieve better results and recover to 100%. His in-depth knowledge of both training methods and nutritional diets helped my digestion and boosted up my daily energy level. I would also like to take this chance to congratulate Iron again on winning the championship on 2020 Global Classic Aesthetic Physique Overall Performance.

I used to go to the gym near my place. Now I would only go to the gym Iron works at! Thank you again, Iron!

- Lydia Luk, Admin Manager


"Physically and mentally stronger."

Training with Sophia has been one of the best additions to my busy work schedule. During our workouts, she shares her in-depth expertise, pushes me to new heights, and makes me physically and mentally stronger. I have enjoyed better health, wellness and happiness because of her training - Thank You Sophia!

- Emidio, Consultant


"I have achieved my best shape ever for my wedding day."

I first met Sophia in June 2019 because I was desperate for my stubborn belly fat before my pre-wedding shoot in August 2019. Before Sophia, I was a strong believer of cardio and those popular fitness YouTubers’ workouts kind of girl. But after a year of doing so, my stubborn belly fat was still there and I wasn't at my best shape so I decided to find Sophia.

I was glad that I got the chance to be trained by Sophia, who caters for my needs, is willing to tolerate my mood swing and will always push me to go for the extra miles no matter how reluctant or unwilling I am. But thanks to Sophia’s trust and help, I have achieved my best shape ever for my wedding day in November 2019 and I continue to train with her, my best coach, friend and therapist at the same time.

And thank you Sophia for guiding me to learn to love my body more, to be stronger for both physical and mental health and more importantly, enjoy pushing myself in each training and the endorphins afterwards each time. Sophia is the type of trainer who can always a quality work out or muscle pain. When you give her your 100%, Sophia will always reward you with her 110%. Thank you, Sophia!

- Wing, Secondary School Teacher


"Knowledgeable, hardworking & experienced."

I have been training with Sophia for over three years, and I think she is one of the rare personal trainers who really care about her students’ progress, health, and well-being. She puts in a lot of thought into tailoring each program, session, and meal plan to meet each student’s specific needs. She is knowledgeable in weight training, because she is hardworking and has experience in bodybuilding competitions, so she is able to help correct even minor mistakes in her students’ form. When I first started training, I had really bad posture and flexibility, and found it hard to use the correct muscles, but her patience and great attitude gave me motivation and confidence, and has also made me enjoy training. I now find it hard to imagine a week without training with her!

- Nicole, Brand Manager


"Always improving and learning."

I used to dread exercising. When I first started training with Sophia, I only wanted to learn enough to know my way around the gym so that I can do some light exercises. Sophia’s passion for fitness and professional knowledge sparked my interest in weight training, going to the gym has now become one of my biggest hobby. Even though I’ve been training with Sophia for over a year, I still keep improving and learning something new every session. We set different training goals from time to time and Sophia curates customized training programs to help me achieve those goals.

Outside of the gym, I’ve also become more confident in performing other activities such as hiking and water sports as my overall fitness has improved. In addition to training, Sophia also gives me diet advice which made me pay more attention to nutrition and health. Thank you Sophia for sparking such a positive change in my lifestyle!

- Monica, Data Analyst


"Tailored workouts and nutrition advice."

Iron was referred by my colleague, who I saw great change in months.
He is knowledgeable in gym and fitness as well as nutrition. He doesn’t only teach me how to lift and workout in a better body gesture during class but also oversees my daily diet with recommendation.

Even when I was away from Hong Kong and during lockdown, he gave me tips and workout routines that I could follow and do indoor to achieve my goal. He also tailors different workout and diet to suit different people as I learnt from other friends who I recommended him to. He is definitely a great coach in my gym journey.

- Ginny Wai, Land Agent


"Positive, empowering training."

Sophia is a fantastic trainer who is very friendly and positive so every session is filled with laugh and positive attitude which empower you to work out harder! I really enjoyed my 2 years training with Sophia, I will continue to train to be healthy and alleviate stress!

- Jessica


"Improved sleep quality."

As someone growing up doing little exercise and with poor sleeping habits, I suffer from issues like rounded back or kyphosis and weak immune system due to my unhealthy lifestyle. I am grateful to have met Sophia a few months ago who despite my lack of experience and poor body coordination, provides a root cause analysis of the unhealthy elements in my lifestyle and devises customised program in response to those areas.

Three months since joining the program, I am now able to have better sitting and standing postures via workouts on isolated muscles, not to mention the improvements in my sleep quality as a result of doing more workouts and stretching.

- Stacey, Equity Research Analyst


"More energy, happier and healthier!"

I have been having PT session with Sophia for past 9 months and I cannot recommend her enough and wholeheartedly! With her enthusiasm and guidance, I consistently hit the gym every week despite 70+ hours of work and this is the one of the best decisions I have made so far - I got more energised at work, feel happier, sleep better and most importantly its fun!

As a newbie to strength training, Sophia went at the pace that I was comfortable and pushed me slowly to do more and more. It was so much more enjoyable than I even imagined, it was like spending an hour with a friend, chatting and laughing while having a great workout, but of course be prepared to get “tortured” and get pushed to the next level but efforts will certainly pay off!

- Shirley, Credit Analyst


"Definitely recommend!"

Sophia is a patient and knowledgable coach.
She’s able to give clear instructions on how to control my muscle.
She would also coordinate a workout plan that is tailored for me.
Definitely would recommend!

- Winona, Accountant.


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