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"a game changer for me."

I’ve been training with Dan Kan for 10 weeks and it has been something of a game changer for me.

I have done workout & lifestyle programs before but this trumps all of that. They way Dan have addressed my diet, lifestyle and the tailored training program has been key. I’ve found I have much more energy which is counterintuitive and I am a lot stronger not just physically but also in attitude and mind.

The overall experience although tough has been exceptional and is now a part of my life, my wife is also a big fan too & has insisted on buying me more sessions!!

- Eddie Jones, Director.


"They make sure that you are comfortable and well taken care of"

The Vault Fitness is conveniently located in Sheung Wan near my office. This was the original attraction for me to check it out. But having been a member for the past 3 months, I am more than happy with my decision to join. Having been a member for the past decade of other more well-known gyms in Hong Kong, the major difference here is you will not find anyone obsessed with their phones during a workout. Members of The Vault are serious and focused on improving their physical health. I like that a lot. It pushes me to be more focused as well. All the equipment are new and top of the line. Locker rooms are functional and impeccably clean. They have built a great atmosphere here and I think it has a lot to do with the friendly and professional trainers who are also co-owners of the gym. They make sure that you are comfortable and well taken care of on each visit. If you have a chance to visit The Vault remember to ask for Dan. He is one such trainer/co-owner originally from Scotland but speaks fluent Cantonese.”

- TVF Member Michael - Solicitor


"the most impressive aspect for me is the community and training environment."

After years of being a member of large chain gyms in Hong Kong I was looking for a change in training environment. The majority of commercial gyms here all offer the
same thing –  same machines and equipment, “coaches” only interested in trying to sell you something and
members who spend more time on their phones than training.

What sets The Vault apart for me is the massive variety of brand new equipment and some
specialized machines you won’t find anywhere else, a super clean and modern space and like minded members – you won’t find any weights lying around or
people not unloading bars when they’re done here. But the most impressive aspect for me is the community and training environment they’ve built. You can cut and paste any gym but you can’t simply create a community. Everyone is there for one reason only – to train hard and make progress, nobody is sitting
around on their phones and it amps you up that extra bit to know you’re
surrounded by people in the same mindset as you. The owners and managers are on the floor there every day and will go out of their way to make sure you’ve got everything you need whether it’s a spot, some advice or coaching, or just checking in to see how everything is, they genuinely care about your experience and it shows. Cheers to Dan and Ken for creating such a great place to train!

I’m stoked to have finally found a gym that makes you want to show up and get stuck in everyday, the only bad thing is that they didn’t open up sooner!

- Chris Yalden, Pilot.


"5 stars for cleanliness and spacious facilities"

5 stars for cleanliness and spacious facilities which is rare in HK. Excellent location next to the MTR. Highly recommend!

- Betty Zung, Finance.


"looks into proper diet and other factors such as sleep, stress, and such that may affect the goals."

I started training with Dan around three years ago and I was lucky to be paired up with him as my trainer. I needed a lot of help aside from being obese and out of shape, I was a total newbie to any type of exercise and weight lifting. 

Fast forward to present, even if there is still a long way to go, I have lost weight, dropped a couple of sizes, able to do most exercises and lift weights which made me feel good about myself ... boosting my self-esteem and confidence. 

He is a very good motivator, never fails to push you to do more than you’ll ever think you can do, aside from formulating exercises and improving form during workouts, he also looks into proper diet and other factors such as sleep, stress, and such that may affect the goals that we are aiming for.

If anyone needs a push and guiding hand to help you reach your goals, I would highly recommend Dan. Great personal trainer!

- Stanley Ang, HK


"machines there are top notch."

A paradise for those who take workout and exercises seriously. The machines there are top notch and the environment there is very friendly.

- William Lee


"It was also pretty clear that I had been wasting my time prior to training with Dan."

I came to meet Dan about 6 months ago in an effort to improve my general fitness and strength.  Dan was very professional and worked with me to define my fitness goals both with regards to body physique (weight / definition) and broader fitness.  Dan also reviewed my past injuries and areas of concern and built a programme that took these into account.  Especially in the beginning to make sure we did not exacerbate an earlier injury.

My first session was eye opening.  I realised very quickly that my previous training was clearly less strenuous that I had perceived.  .  Every session is high intensity and Dan takes no prisoners.  He is very good at getting every last ounce of sweat and effort out of me.  The programme has progressed steadily as both my strength and fitness have improved.  It is clear that my stamina, recovery time and general strength have improved materially.  Furthermore, the improvement rate seems to be pretty steady.  There has not be the plateau effect that I have experienced previously.

Dan is a very good trainer.  He is positive, professional and makes sure that each session is enjoyable but more importantly tough enough to get the most out of me.  He has worked with me to make sure I am more aware of what I eat and although I admit to falling down occasionally on the diet the general starting point of my daily diet is much improved.  I would recommend Dan and have done.  I think he is a great chap and a better trainer.

- Matthew M. Hedge Fund Manager.


"comfortable and clean environment."

Very nice, comfortable and clean environment, friendly PTs, would defo recommend this place!

- Hebbe Wang


"attentive, encouraging, and always positive."

Dan has been a wonderful trainer and has helped me achieve great results. He has a great personality - he is attentive, encouraging, and always positive, which is important for me as I actually feel bad if I don't try my best at workouts! He also monitors all my meals very closely and provides constant feedback between training sessions, which helps me stay motivated. Another great thing is that Dan has been training for more than 10 years and is always happy to share his expertise on food or exercises. Overall, he's a great trainer to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get into shape!

- Lorraine, Mother of two.


"No hesitation in highly recommending."

At all times I have found the environment, culture and atmosphere to be of an extremely high standard driven primarily by the quality of the staff and their willingness and desire to partner with clients to achieve their fitness goals and aspirations. In my specific case, for the last five months I have been training with Dan Kan who I have found to be both motivating and driven to assist in both strength training, diet advice and overall fitness tips. Whilst I may not have achieved body transformation status, the responsibility of which lays firmly at my door with my inability to stick to a diet plan, Dan has absolutely helped me in terms of my own confidence in the gym, my understanding of what to do to achieve various goals and overall, I do feel significantly stronger and fitter as a result of training with Dan.

The support throughout this time with Dan has not been limited to sessions in the gym but also guidance and training/diet plans whilst on vacation or extended work trips.

Most importantly, whilst grueling and tough, Dan has made the sessions rewarding and fun. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Dan to others as long as they can learn to decipher his scottish accent!

- Mike Davies, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Asia.


"separated workout room for VIP's."

High quality equipment and separated workout room for VIP's. Mainly focused on strength training in the main gym, whilst inside the VIP room there are other functional workout tools and toys. Reception is kind and knowledgeable. Located right next to Sheung Wan station exit C pretty convenient to access.

- Jihun Sung.


"The Vault Fitness is one of a kind."

So, what makes a great gym? The practicality and flexibility of its design, the quality of the equipment, the safety and comfort of the gym environment, the availability of modern amenities, the aesthetic appeal of the facility. The Vault Fitness is one of a kind.

- Marven fok - Wnbf pro


"Best strength training equipment in town!"

Best strength training equipment in town and easy access as just next to MTR exit and most important clean and hygienic 👍🏻👍🏻 try it!

- Susan Sim


Personal Training

We’re here to optimize your performance for long-term fitness and wellbeing from personal training, strength and conditioning to rehab and functional medicine. Our personal training programs are strength & conditioning focused with aspects of athletic based and bodybuilding methods. Our six pillars of training are Mobility; Flexibility; Endurance; Strength; Hypertrophy & Body Composition.

All programs are tailored to each individual‘s requirements based on your goals, training experience, current abilities & known limitations paired with a sustainable nutrition plan. Depending on your goal and timeframe, nutrition plans are provided as with lifestyle advice.

We kick off our programs with an assessment to help determine the best path to reaching your goals, which will touch on all six pillars.

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