These Rules and Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") of The Vault Fitness ("The Vault") are applicable to all persons who are Members or guests of The Vault utilizing its club’s facilities and premises, and have been developed to optimize Members' and guests' enjoyment of the facilities while maintaining the highest standards of courtesy, cleanliness and safety. The Rules form part of your Membership Agreement, Guest Pass and/or Personal Training Agreement, and any other ancillary agreements, and shall be enforced at all times.





All members and guests must present their valid The Vault membership card (or guest passes if applicable) or alternatively must use The Vault’s Facial Recognition device before access is granted, and agree to have their photograph taken for identification purposes. Membership cards and guest passes are not transferable. Any member or guest found to have, on an unauthorised basis allowed or permitted a third party (whether a The Vault member or otherwise) to use, or attempt to use, his/her membership card, guest pass or any form of photograph to aid facial recognition to gain access to any club shall be subject to (a) payment of fee(s), including but not limited to the payment of any daily club subscription fees as may be incurred by the third party's entry into the clubs, (b) termination of the membership or guest pass without refund of unused prepaid fees, dues or provision of any compensation. Your Membership Agreement grants temporary admission into the gym until you receive your permanent membership card.




Your membership entitles you to club access and privileges as specified in your Membership Agreement (or guest pass) or Personal Training Agreement. In addition, you are entitled to orientation and assessment workouts, use of facilities, day locker and towel service (if specifically stipulated under your Membership). Additional services are charged on a per usage basis, which include but are not limited to Personal Training, sale of food, beverages, laboratory tests, nutritional supplements, shoe lockers, group fitness classes, small group workouts, yoga classes, workshops and other products/services.


  1. GUEST PRIVILEGES (if applicable according to Club Policies)


The Vault encourages you to bring family, friends, and business associates as guests according to our Club Policies. A guest must check in at the reception, pay the daily subscription fees and/or other applicable fees (s), and complete normal guest procedures (including a tour of the club, orientation by a staff and personal trainer, signing of a Guest Registration Form and Disclaimer of Liability), and is subject to the relevant terms and conditions applicable to the guest pass. A guest who has received a guest pass must show the guest pass and register his/her HKID card or foreign passport before access is granted into the Vault.




Members are solely responsible for safekeeping their personal belongings. Do not bring valuable possessions to the club and do not leave any valuable property in the locker at any time. The Vault provides day lockers and members must present a valid membership card or your HKID to obtain access for a day locker. Use of a day locker is subject to availability of a day locker at the Vault. To the extent permitted by HKSAR law, The Vault is not liable for any damages, loss or theft of personal property belonging to members or member’s guests either on or in the vicinity surrounding the Vault’s gym premises, including but not limited to any property left in a locker, whether locked or unlocked.


During each visit to the club, members will have at their disposal complimentary use of a day locker. Each member must exchange their membership card or HKID in return for a locker key when he/she checks in at the reception. Upon leaving the club, each member must return the club key to retrieve his/her membership club or HKID.


Subject to availability and at a monthly or yearly fee, shoe lockers may also be rented. Please contact the club reception for locker enquiries.


All day lockers are for day use only and any locker must be cleared before you leave the gym on that day. These lockers will be opened and cleared out by the Vault at the end of each day. All items found in any lockers will be donated to charity thirty (30) days thereafter if not collected by a member or guest. The Vault will not be liable to any items that a member may have left in such locker.




Towel coupons could be purchased at the Reception counter if necessary.


Certain Memberships or Personal Training Agreement will entitle the member to two towels per workout. Such members must present their membership card to the reception staff in exchange for their towels. At the end of your workout, you must return to the attendant both the towels in exchange for your membership card; a fee will be charged otherwise. Members should use towels properly. Placing on the floor, or surface of gym equipment, or for cleaning personal belongings (shoes, slippers, etc.) is strictly prohibited.




The following activities are strictly prohibited in washroom/shower room/changing rooms: hair colouring, hair perming, hair cutting, shaving/hair removal, nail trimming, washing of food containers/equipment, wash of clothing/shoes/bags and other apparel.




In the event of a lost or stolen membership card for any reason, members should contact the Vault regarding the issue of a replacement card. Members are solely responsible for the cost of replacement.




Below are the general rules on member and guest in the Vault:


  1. Share equipment and/or facilities politely and allow others to work out on any piece of equipment and/or facilities that you are using.
  2. Please limit time on any equipment and/or facilities to 20 minutes if others are waiting
  3. No smoking, alcohol or drugs (including steroids) are permitted
  4. Proper workout attire must be worn at all No underwear, jeans, or torn items are permitted.
  5. Shirts must be worn, undressed or naked are not permitted at public areas at all times (except in changing and shower room areas).
  6. Proper closed toe and closed heel sport shoes must be worn at all times - no flip flops, loafers, leather shoes, open-toed shoes, sandals, shower shoes or bare feet are permitted outside the changing room areas
  7. Spitting or littering are not
  8. Weights, bars, discs and other equipment must be restored or reverted (put back) to their original locations on the racks or shelves after use. Weights should not be dropped onto the floor or banged against other weights or other equipment during
  9. Treat everyone with Foul language, uninvited physical contact, shouting, fighting, intimidation, aggression and other offensive and/or discourteous behaviour causing disruption, nuisance, or danger to another individual or object will not be tolerated.
  10. Only food and beverage products purchased at the Vault will be allowed to be consumed on club
  11. Only equipment or devices or tools supplied and approved by the Vault may be used on its
  12. No promotion of products or services, or solicitation of any kind (whether for profit, political or other purposes) is allowed without the prior written permission of the Vault. This includes, but is not limited to, use of petitions, distributing or posting leaflets, notices or advertising anywhere in The Vault’s facility, or leaving multiple copies of leaflets or other papers in the Club.
  13. Photography, video-taping, filming or audio recording (including with a camera built into a mobile phone, laptop computer or other device) is prohibited anywhere on The Vault group premises except with prior written authorisation from The Vault
  14. Members or guests should always show consideration for others and should not cause disturbance. Members or guests should ensure that where possible, devices such as cell phones and pagers are switched to silent mode.
  15. Should there be members or guests who breach the rules, disturb, misbehave, cause nuisance, or endanger others' safety, The Vault reserves the right to deny their participation in the class and/or use or enjoyment of the club equipment and facilities, and to demand their immediate departure from club premises without refund or any payment. The Vault also reserves the right to take any appropriate legal action necessary.
  16. All personal belongings including knapsacks, handbags, and laptop must be stowed in the security day locker provided in the The Vault’s changing room.
  17. No music or video may be played on any personal devices except with the use of headphones.
  18. Hair dryers should only be used to dry hair. They should not be used to dry other body parts or clothing or other items.
  19. Shampoo, hair conditioner, soap and lotion, toilet paper and paper towels are for consumption on the club premises only, and should not be removed from the The Vault’s bathroom and washroom.
  20. The use of all electricity outlets on club premises is reserved for The Vault’s authorised equipment only. The electrical charging of Member's or guest's personal devices including but not limited to mobile phone, laptop, audio/video/visual equipment, power banks are strictly prohibited.
  21. There will be no consumption of food or beverage items during a class, personal training session, changing rooms, wash room, bath room, shower room.





Member or guest suffering from pre-existent medical conditions and/or illnesses including but not limited to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease or pregnant are advised to consult their doctors for medical advice before exercise or engaging in the use of any fitness equipment or device. Users who feel unwell while using our facilities, should stop the activity immediately and approach our staff for assistance. Please report all injuries and/or incidents and/or any hazards to a staff member. A proper warm-up is essential for avoiding injuries. A proper cool-down and stretch is important after working out.





Only The Vault’s personal trainers or persons expressly authorized by The Vault may solicit or provide personal training in the vicinity of its club. Irrespective of whether any consideration (financial or non-financial) is involved, you are not allowed to invite and/or bring along with you personal trainers or persons or guests to conduct or provide any personal training (PT) activities (either private or group class) in the Vault’s club, you are not allowed to conduct or provide any PT activities in The Vault’s club nor shall you receive any PT services from any members or guests in the vicinity of the Vault’s club. In the event of any breach, the Vault is entitled to terminate your Agreement(s) immediately by way of official notification letter, upon which, if you have purchased (i) Monthly Membership - the outstanding balance owed for the remaining months during the minimum commitment period of this Agreement must be immediately settled upfront within seven (7) days of the notification of membership termination; (ii) Prepaid Membership or PT fees, you will not be entitled to any refund.




Minors under the age of 16 may not use The Vault’s facilities at any time and must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian at all times when in the facilities, unless a special waiver in writing has been obtained from The Vault. The grant of any such wavier shall be at the sole discretion of The Vault. Minors between and including the ages of 16 and 18 may use The Vault without being accompanied by a parent or guardian if the minor is a member and the minor's membership agreement or guest pass agreement has been signed by the minor's parent or guardian, and accepted by The Vault in writing. Notwithstanding the terms stated herein, The Vault reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to require a parent or guardian to accompany a minor inside the club.





Any member or guest who violates or breaches any of the above-stated Rules and Guidelines, who commits an act which endangers the interests and well-being of The Vault or any of The Vault's members, employees, agents, independent contractors, or inflicts any harm, damage or liability to The Vault, either directly or indirectly may be required to physically depart and exit the The Vault’s club premises immediately. The Vault also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the membership or personal training session or class or service without refund of unused prepaid fees, dues, or without any compensation. Moreover, the said member or guest is fully liable for indemnifying The Vault for all loss, damage or liability, on an indemnity basis, in connection with the act of breach or violation or misconduct. In the event of any breach, The Vault is entitled to terminate your Agreement(s) immediately by way of official notification letter, upon which, if you have purchased (i) Monthly Membership - the outstanding balance owed for the remaining months during the minimum commitment period of this Agreement must be immediately settled upfront within seven (7) days of the notification of membership termination; (ii) Prepaid Membership or PT fees, you will not be entitled to any refund.






The Vault reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend the above Rules from time to time, including any fees or charges listed herein, without prior notification to members and/or guests. These Rules are not intended to be all-inclusive or restrictive to The Vault in the operation of its businesses. This version of Rules replaces and supersedes all previous versions issued. All approved signs stating Rules and Guidelines that are posted in The Vault’s club shall be considered a supplementary addendum (not replacement or supersede) to these Rules. In the event of any inconsistency between these Rules and your Membership and/or PT Agreement, or Guest Pass, the terms in your Membership and/or PT Agreement, or Guest Pass shall prevail.


Should there be any conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these Rules, the English version shall prevail.