Gym Membership & Rates

Corporate Gym Membership

Choose from a variety of packages that will suit your and your employees’ needs. Start with 5 or fewer employees and save up to 25% off gym membership and personal training packages.


Personal Training

We begin personal training with individual health and fitness assessments to identify physiological imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, intolerances and any potential issues with hormones, health or lifestyle factors. We use the data to personalise training, nutrition and supplement protocols to reduce fat, improve health markers and enhance your results.

Add-on discounted Personal Training packages when you sign up for Corporate Gym Membership.

Corporate Gym Membership

Team Training

Engage in team building and (literally) strengthen your team members. Our qualified trainers can help motivate your employees and unlock their fitness potential as a team. Improve your teams' physical and mental wellbeing.

Corporate Wellness

From corporate gym membership and personal training packages to wellness seminars and science-based health and fitness assessments, our qualified fitness trainers can help improve long-term health, wellbeing and productivity as a team.