Meet Our Coaches

Our personal training team has a combined 30 years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry.
We’re passionate about helping people to reach their health and fitness goals.

General Manager, Head Coach

Coach Ken

Ken has over 20 years of bodybuilding experience and is one of the most influential, top-notch contest preparation coaches in Hong Kong. Your time won’t be wasted with his unique results-based training principles. If you are looking for serious training and shocking transformation, Ken is definitely the coach you are dreaming of.

He is one of the few coaches who is a registered nutritionist from the United Kingdom and obtained a diploma in personal training, ISI functional medicine, and ISI transformation.

Ken has triumphed a number of international competitions, ranging from Champion from Mr Olympia amateur in Las Vegas 2019, IFBB Pro qualifier in 2020, and HKFBF Overall Champion in 2015. 

Aesthetics Physique Overall Champion 2020

Coach Iron

Iron is an active men’s physique competitor in Hong Kong who has trained in men’s physique since 2019. He hopes to help people achieve their fitness goals in the right way. In 2020, he achieved the highest title in Hong Kong  – Aesthetics Physique Overall Champion. Iron believes that attitude and persistence are most important to success.

Qualification Highlights

- NBFA Personal Trainer
- HK Stretching Exercise Association - Myofascial release (Level 1)
- HK Stretching Exercise Association - Myofascial manual techniques (Level 2)
- CPR & AED Certificates

- 2019 Global classes M program Championship men’s physique novice - Top 6
- 2019 Global classes M program Championship men’s physique junior - Top 6
- 2020 Global classes M program Championship men’s physique junior - 2nd place
- 2020 Global classes M program Championship Aesthetics physique Overall Champion

Train with Iron: Men’s physique, Aesthetics physique, Weight Loss / Gain, Weight training, Muscle Training, Fat & Weight Control, Myofascial manual techniques

IFBB Pro league Bikini Athlete

Coach Sophia

Sophia is a natural bikini athlete. She joined 4 times bikini competitions in 2019 in Mr Olympia in Japan, IFBB professional league pro qualifier in Taiwan, Global classic, HKFBF in Hong Kong. She was crowned with first in her group in Taiwan.

She tailors her programmes for her clients based on their goals— be it striving for a better work-life balance or alleviating chronic back pain; having a transformation within a few months or training for the bikini competition. She treats her students wholeheartedly, shares her experience with them passionately and caters to each of their needs individually by varying their programs and diets weekly to fit their lifestyles.

Qualification Highlights:

- Sports Science & Fitness Foundation Certificate (AASFP)
- Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (AASFP)
- CPR Certificate (HK Red Cross)
- Gorilla Strong Level 1 Kettlebell coach
- Ergon IASTM Technique International Diploma


- 2019 Global Classic Bikini Novice - 3rd place
- 2019 HKFBF Bikini - 2nd place
- 2019 Mr. Olympia Japan Bikini Novice - 3rd place
- 2019 IFBB Pro League Qualifier Bikini - 1st place

Train with Sophia: Body-building bikini competition, Metabolic specialist (weight gain/loss), Strongman / strength sport, Pro stretch recovery, Prehab and post injured.