Omega Complex

Omega Complex is our most comprehensive fish oil that delivers all the essential fatty acids (EFAs) you need for optimal health. By providing the full spectrum of “healthy fats,” Omega Complex corrects unbalanced fat ratios that are typical in the modern diet. Most people eat way too many fats from pro-inflammatory sources, such as grain-fed meat and vegetable oils. Because dietary fats compete for certain enzymes in the body, too much “unhealthy fat” effectively cancels out the positive effects of healthy fat.
Omega Complex was designed to correct this imbalance by providing EPA and DHA in a ratio the body can use along with several other fatty acids that are absent from modern diets: ALA, CLA, GLA, and the omega-7 palmitoleic acid. Omega Complex also provides vitamin E to protect the easily damaged omega-3s and preserve cell membranes from oxidation.
The benefits of a balanced fat intake are significant. The fatty acids in Omega Complex have been shown to increase metabolic rate, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote healthy body composition. EFAs are linked to cardiovascular health, better energy levels, and lower cancer risk. They also help soothe your body’s stress response and may ease post-workout muscle soreness. Healthy fat is important for well-functioning joints and may be a treatment for chronic pain. They are necessary for brain function and impact mood and cognition. They are also involved in the prevention of brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s.