Curcumin Complex (Formerly CL-Ox)

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Curcumin Complex comes from the bright orange Ayurvedic spice turmeric that is used in Indian cooking. It is specially formulated for easy absorption to support antioxidant status and fight inflammation.

People like the idea of health benefits from cooking with turmeric, however, turmeric root powder contains only 5 percent active curcuminoids that have biological benefits. Curcumin Complex has over 90 percent curcuminoids, giving you a much higher active concentration. Plus, Curcumin Complex is designed for easy absorption in the GI tract.

The biggest pitfall with many Curcumin products is that they are rapidly metabolized, rendering them unable to exert biological effects. Curcumin Complex blends essential oil of turmeric with the active curcuminoid compounds to improve absorption. The more your body absorbs, the greater the therapeutic effect.