Abbott Freestyle Libre


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The FreeStyle Libre sensor 8 automatically measure and stores glucose readings all day. Sensor is updated every minute, and stores glucose readings for the past 8 hours in minute-long intervals. Each sensor lasts up to 14 days.

Using the supplied disposable applicator, the FreeStyle Libre sensor can be easily applied and stays on the back of your upper arm for up 14 days.

The FreeStyle Libre sensor can even be worn while you shower, swim, bathe or exercise, so it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

FreeStyle Libre is the only factory-calibrated glucose monitoring system. You don't need to recalibrate it again and again with painful fingerpricks18.

18 Hoss et al. Feasibility of Factory Calibration for Subcutaneous Glucose Sensors in Subjects with Diabetes, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2014, Vol. 8(1) 89–94

The FreeStyle Libre system is accurate, stable and consistent over 14 days without need for finger prick calibrations19.

19 Bailey Timothy., et al. The Performance and Usability of a Factory-Calibrated Flash Glucose Monitoring System. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. 2015; 17(11):787-794